Yu-Hsi Chen is a Professor Emeritus of the Buddhist-run Fo Guang University in Taiwan. He obtained a BA in economics from National Taiwan University and Ph.D. in political economy from University of Hawaii. In the 1960s, he studied at University of Hawaii under an East-West Center grant, which also helped him to undertake short-term studies at Harvard University. In the 1980s-90s, he taught at Hong Kong Baptist University and served as a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and Peking University. After his retirement, he returned to his homeland Taiwan to take up a position at Fo Guang University, where he helped establish the Department and Institute of Religious Studies in the early 2000’s, and served as the first Department chairperson and Institute director.

As a political economist, Yu-Hsi has published numerous books and articles on the politico-economic development of East Asia in general and Taiwan in particular. But his interests shifted to the areas of Buddhist psychology and religious psychology after the age of 50. He is a devoted spiritual practitioner, with profound experience in Vipassana and other forms of meditation. His writings, both in English and Chinese, demonstrate insights that combine intellectual understanding with intuitive revelations which he experiences from time to time.



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